Weekly Report 01/11/19

Dinghy Racing

The frostbite season continued with two races sailed last Sunday the 27th after the disappointing loss to South Africa. Eight boats took to the water in a sunny pleasant but ever decreasing wind. In race one top spot went to Peter and Oscar in the Scorpion, in second Mike and Deanna in an Osprey closely followed by Ted and Lucas also in an Osprey. In fourth was Ioan in the Laser Radial and fifth Jon and Amelia in a Laser 2000. Next in sixth was the RS 200 sailed by Dan and Rubs in seventh Huw and Carwyn in an Osprey then in eighth John in his Comet.

Race two six boats took part and the winds were getting lighter and lighter by the minute forcing the race to be cut short for three boats and for the other three not managing to finish. The top three were again Peter and Oscar in the Scorpion second Mike and Deanna third Ted and Lucas both in Ospreys. All the others John in the Comet, Jon and Amelia in the 2000 and Huw and Carwyn in an Osprey didn’t manage to cross the line due no no wind but still managed to pick up some points.

Cruiser Racing

The cruiser racing season is now over and it seems all too soon, throughout the season 14 races were sailed and the best seven races counted to the trophies which will be presented at the annual dinner at Trefloyne on Friday Nov 15th.


Junior Sailing

The Wednesday Junior sailing sessions have now finished for the year, watch this space early next year for registration dates.

There will be a junior Xmas party early on Wednesday Dec 11th.

The Last Commodores Quiz

Six teams came to the last and final quiz by this commodore anyway, the mega quiz went down a treat and everyone enjoyed the night. The night was sponsored by Molson Coors Brewing Company and all that took part were given a small token of appreciation in the guise of a bottle of prosecco.

The scores on the doors for the night went like this, in sixth place with the best score they have ever had were the Lone Dogs with 70 points, in fifth The Four Amigos with 79. Next in fourth came the Bo Ho’s with 91, next in fourth Princess Consuela Banana Hammock with 93. Then the top two were the Dashers with 98 and in first as ever the Cola Clan with 103.

Just as it happens all six teams have been taking part in the quiz league that has happened all year, this is where the monthly scores carried over until the final and totted up to find the club champions. The total league scores are as follows in sixth the Lone Dogs with 237 points, in fifth Princess Consuela Banana Hammock with 371 points. Then in fourth The Bo Ho’s with 373 then The Four Amigo’s with 373.5 in second the Dashers with 463.5 and top of the shop for the second year running and should apply to Egg Heads the Cola Clan with 497 points.

All this year we have been raising funds for a Defibrillator to be sited outside the club at the bottom of the stone steps by the big doors. I would like to thank all the quizzers that have come to the club on the last Saturday of the month for the last two years come hell or high water to take part and raise money for two very worthwhile causes. Last year we raised over £870 for the RNLI, and this year we have reached and passed our target of £1300 to have a defibrillator in a heated cabinet to be fitted outside the club on the harbour for the benefit of the members, community and visitors alike. Not only has this been raised by the quizzers but from private donations including Astral Azure Engineering Services.

BIG Thank you to all my quizzers and donators.

Annual Dinner Dance

The annual dinner dance and prize giving will take place at Trefloyne Manor on Friday 15th November at 1930. It will be upon us all to soon, please don’t leave it to the last minute to book. This is a great night organised by the Commodore for the sailors and members of the club. Good food, good company, excellent location and entertainment by singer Kelsey Joe to dance the night away.

The menu has been emailed out to all that have registered their email address; it is also online at the sailing club’s website where you can down load the order form or order online. Full details and payment details can also be found there. There has been an additional snail mail drop that should have come through your door.


The AGM will take place at the club the day after the Dinner Dance on Saturday 16th November starting at 1930.

The Club

The bar will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am, and will also be open earlier for the Rugby World Cup Final match. Harbour Restaurant will be open from 1800 on Fri and Saturday serving up delicious local produce. The infamous Sunday Roasts will be served from 1200 on Sunday; Bookings are advisable so please phone Dai Ellis on 07812397193 to book a table.

Change of T.S.C. Constitution

Three Month Notice

At the Annual General Meeting on the 16th November 2019 there will be an item on the agenda to change the clubs’ constitution. Every year one of the items on the agenda is the club’s membership fee, the Committee would like to put a proposal that it is the Committee, in conjunction with the accountant are best placed to evaluate the clubs finances and capital spends for the next year, then decide whether or not membership fees should be raised, frozen or indeed lowered for the next year. If passed then it would come into effect Nov 2020. This will be voted on at the A.G.M. on Sat 16th Nov 2019 by those members present at the meeting.


Becoming a member in can have its benefits; if you join now then you will have the rest of the year for free so the next renewal would be in Jan 2021. Also you would beat the price rise November 16th should there be one.

Membership forms can be obtained from either the club’s website www.tenbysailingclub.org.uk or at the club itself. There are many advantages to being a member a few of which are discounted bar prices, access to showers and toilets on the harbour and priority for social events, please see the website for full details.


The club’s website can be found at www.tenbysailingclub.org.uk the club and details of events going on can be found on Facebook and Twitter. New members welcome; sailors, aspirant sailors and non-sailors. We are a member’s club run by volunteers who try to involve all members in a variety of activities both sailing and social. To enquire about joining call at the clubhouse, contact any member who will be pleased to help, or contact us online.

By. The Commodore.