Weekly Report 10/08/2018

Dinghy Racing
Racing in the bay continues in a how shall we say? In a varied range of conditions from the sublime to the ridiculous. Last Saturday 4 th August saw two races being sailed. The first race was in very light winds causing the race to be shortened to just one lap, as the wind filled in the course was changed to a windward sausage and triangle course. With the freshening breeze the boats made a better time and the sailors started to sail rather than a organised drift. The eventual winners were in 1st place Ted Lewis 2nd Mike Stace, 3rd Jamie all in their Ospreys closely followed by John in a single hander

Scorpion Nationals
Last Sunday 5 th August saw the start of the Scorpion Nationals here at Tenby Sailing Club, the class is a double hander with a spinnaker and no trapeze. Its adjustable rig enables sailing in all weathers to crews of all weights. There were two races scheduled on Sunday the first kicking off at midday, the race did get away albeit in very light breeze which only dropped off more and more over the course of the race. It was decided by the Scorpion association to abandon racing for the day as the whole point of sailing is to sail not drift. Monday however the conditions started of with a nice breeze that built over the day. This allowed the race officer to plan and execute three races to catch up on the poor day before. The last race of the day saw fresher conditions and the crews started to have smiles on their faces and the boats were flying down the reaches with spinnakers in full flight.

For the month of August, we are offering a £20 discount on membership. This is for the first full paying member who is not returning within the last five years. There are many advantages to being a member a few of which are discounted bar prices, access to showers and toilets on the harbour and priority for social events. Please see the website for full details and to download the membership form.

Tenby Lugger
Due to poor weather conditions the entry into Tenby of the new Tenby Lugger had to be postponed, however it has now been rescheduled. The Lugger will be coming alongside Tenby Harbour on the high tide on Saturday 25th (weather permitting) It will be weighing anchor and sailing from Caldey island at approx 1600 to come alongside just before the high tide at 1700, then once alongside and made fast there will be a naming ceremony and blessing, she will be escorted by a small flotilla of boats from Caldey to Tenby lead by Tenbys Offshore Lifeboat the Haydn Miller.

Commodores Quiz
The quiz and quiz league continue the last quiz saw five teams taking part, although there was a change at the top on the day with the Dashers coming first the overall standings have not changed so far with the Cola Clan still first on the leader board. The next quiz will be held at the sailing club this Saturday the 25th, after the Lugger reception. All are welcome to take part. We are raising money for the RNLI and as you know this is a very worthy cause. The cost is £5 for a team of up to six people or £1 if you think you can go it alone. There is also a raffle running alongside the quiz at £1 a square. So, if you think you are the brains of Tenby or just want to come down and have a laugh while raising money for the RNLI it will start at 1830 in the top room.

Harbour Restaurant @ The Club
BBQ every Wednesday from 5pm and full menu with specials Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm. All dietary needs can be taken care of just ask the chef.

The Club is playing host to Pint Sized Plays on Tues 25 th Sept, this consists of three ten-minute plays bar will be open before and after. Fri 26 th Oct Pickle Night (members priority) more details soon. With the summer in full swing it will not be long until we all have to think about Christmas and New Year as it will be with us sooner rather than later. There will be a Junior and Members Christmas Parties, also there will be a New Years Eve party at the club with food laid on (members priority) so beat the crowds in the town and plan to spend it down the
club more details will follow soon.

The club’s website can be found at www.tenbysailingclub.org.uk; the club and details of events going on can be found on Facebook and Twitter. New members welcome; sailors, aspirant sailors and non-sailors. We are a member’s club run by volunteers who try to involve all members in a variety of activities both sailing and social. To enquire about joining call at the clubhouse, contact any member who will be pleased to help, or contact us online.