Weekly Report 20/04/2018

Club Sailing

Saturday morning started with a thick fog sitting over Tenby and the surrounding area causing much consternation among the regular sailors, but by the afternoon came around it had burnt off for what should have been an exciting couple of races. During rigging and preparation of boats the wind fell from 15kts down to just a few and by the time everyone hit the water there was barely enough to move a dinghy across the flat sea. 

Undeterred a number of boats headed out towards the moorings including ospreys, a scorpion, a 4000, an aero and a feva. PRO Lewis headed out beyond the mooring in orange duck hunting for the slightest wisp of wind, but by the time 5.30pm came around there was still very little to be found. Those dinghies that had made it to the edge of the mooring decided enough was enough and started to head back towards Tenby, But then just as all had given up hope, Movement. Firstly the ospreys, then the scorpion tacked around to head back out towards the race course. 

But this was little more than cruel trick by the changing winds, after a short discussion between boats about if they were going forwards or backwards, all sailor admitted defeat for a final time and headed back into the slipway. By the time all were in the bar enjoying the delicious food prepared by Dai, the wind had built to a respectable level, how unkind on its behalf…. 

Racing continues next Saturday 5pm race start, where hopefully there will be more action to report on than this week.



So far this season 35 youngsters already registered for junior sailing, we are expecting healty sized groups at every level and we can look forward to a busy summer.

The first evening on the water was too windy for sailboats but most youngsters were taken out in the Club Ribs which they all appreciated. This week with the tide being in and light winds last everyone managed some time on the water. The beginners had their first solo sail reaching back and fore across the mouth of the Harbour. Afterwards the usual BBQ food finished the night off, which was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to all the helpers and Instructors, but with special congratulations to our newest DI (Dinghy Instructor) Harrison Richards who passed the difficult qualification last week.


Forthcoming events. 

Hot food being served every wednesday & saturday after sailing, all welcome. 

28th April - Commodores Quiz 

20th May - Come & Try Sailing Day 9.30am

If you have never sailed before, or just not in a long time and would like to start sailing at TSC then this is the day for you. We will have dinghies and cruiser for you to have a go in and see what it is all about.

23rd June - Junior training day

24th June - CYRC Junior regatta

30th June - TSC Regatta (Volunteers required)

1st July - Round Caldey race (Volunteers required)

Then finally 4th - 10th August Scorpion National Championships (Volunteers required)



The club’s website can be found at www.tenbysailingclub.org.uk; the club and details of events going on can be found on Facebook and Twitter. New members welcome; sailors, aspirant sailors and non sailors. We are a members club run by volunteers who try to involve all members in a variety of activities both sailing and social. To enquire about joining call at the clubhouse, contact any member who will be pleased to help, or contact us online.